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Solar Eclipse Adventure


Eclipse Photo Total Solar Eclipse
Africa 2002

Eclipse Viewing, Wildlife Game Driving & Viewing, Cultural Exploration

13 days    6 - 14 guests

  • Observe the eclipse from the best viewing spot on the entire continent
  • See an abundance of African wildlife in Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe and learn about its mysterious past

A total solar eclipse is one of the most captivating natural phenomena on this planet! In South Africa you and few others will see this incredible event. As the moonšs shadow sweeps over us, night will fall and the stars will come out. It will be 15 years (August 21, 2017) before a total eclipse is visible from North America. In addition, this is the last easily accessible eclipse until 2006. Take advantage of this amazing viewing opportunity!

This event will occur in Africa, one of the world's most desirable travel destinations. We will view the eclipse from a remote location inside of Kruger National Park, one of Africašs premier game reserves. This will allow us to see the effect of the eclipse on the prolific wildlife found here. Northern Kruger has the most consistently desirable weather on the African eclipse path. In fact, due to the angle of the sun, the odds of seeing the eclipse in Kruger are equal to those of seeing the eclipse in the clearer skies of Australia. And totality will be 3 times longer in Africa!

Our group limitation of 14 guests allows us to avoid the "mob" scene that will be common among other eclipse trips. In addition to a small group size, we will have our own dedicated Astronomer, telescope and solar viewing equipment. We will have our own vehicle allowing us to be mobile and dodge any last minute clouds that develop. When you combine this with the professional lectures and spectacular telescope assisted views of the heavens we are likely to get in the nights before and after the eclipse, you can tell that this is a true educational experience, as well as a fantastic safari.

Before and after the eclipse we will spend time in one of South Africašs premier game parks ­ Kruger National Park and the adjacent Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Kruger and Sabi Sands are known to be spectacular destinations to view the big cats and the big five (lion, elephant, leopard, cape buffalo and rhino). It is one of the few spots where you are almost as likely to see a leopard as an elephant! And watching lions becomes commonplace. In fact, it is almost unheard of to leave without having a close encounter with a pride of lions. Kruger has the greatest concentration of species and is the largest game park in South Africa!

We will also offer a weeklong extension after the eclipse combining Botswana (the Delta and Chobe National Park) with Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Combining the wonder of a total solar eclipse with the splendors of Southern Africa - this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

After our game excursions in South Africa we will head into one of the most amazing spots in neighboring Zimbabwe ­ the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe. This is one of the most intriguing historical sites in Southern Africa, a collection of stone structures, built from rectangular granite stones, which provide conclusive evidence of a thriving African civilization that reached its peak long before the arrival of Europeans. Now a World Heritage Site, it is one of Africašs most priceless archaeological treasures.

For this trip we stay at some of the most wonderful accommodations possible. Both Inyati and Indube Safari Lodges are luxurious oasis that let us experience the real Africa without the crowds and with amazing comfort. The Lodge at the Ancient City (Great Zimbabwe) is one of those spectacular places so authentic you will believe you were staying the night in the ruins themselves, except for the five-star amenities.

This adventure is a true eclipse expedition, complete with the educational opportunities to make the skies come alive. This is combined with spectacular and private accommodations in the most amazing places Africa has to offer. Since this is such a small, exclusive group it allows an intimate experience, not only of the eclipse event but also of the African continent itself. These alone make this adventure something unique when compared to the normal eclipse mob scene or vanilla African safari.

Combining the wonder of a total solar eclipse with the splendors of Southern Africa ­ this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Itinerary Highlights
  • Nov. 29 - 30: Fly to Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dec. 1: Explore winelands on the back of Harley motorcycles
  • Dec. 2: Fly/Drive to Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Game Reserve and go on river safari
  • Dec. 3: Kruger National Park / Sabi Sands Game Reserve: Bushwalk and village exploration
  • Dec. 4: Kruger National Park: The Eclipse! View from inside the park. Game drive all day.
  • Dec. 5 - 7: Kruger National Park Sabi Sands Game Reserve: Move to luxury game lodge and partake in game drives and walks
  • Dec. 8 Drive to Great Zimbabwe Ruins in Zimbabwe
  • Dec. 9: Explore Great Zimbabwe
  • Dec. 10: Fly home.
  • Dec. 11: Arrive home.
Click here for a detailed itinerary.

Land Price:

$4,590 (14 guests)
$5,090 (11 - 12 guests)
$5,390 (9 - 10 guests)
$5,790 (7 - 8 guests)
$5,990 (6 guests)

Departure Date:

November 29, 2002 - December 11, 2002

Wilderness/luxury lodges, luxury hotels.

Level of Difficulty:
I - Easy

Here is what some of our guests said from our previous Solar Eclipse Trips:

"It was one of my best trips ever, and I mean ever! The eclipse was fantastic. The group was small and it was the best vacation of my life!" - Barbara Silberman, Solar Eclipse in Africa 2001

"Cemil (Expedition Leader) was the greatest guide you could have found. I would recommend Outer Edge to anyone I know!" - Roland Barton, Solar Eclipse in Turkey 1999

More Guest Comments

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Total Solar Eclipse
Australia 2002

Eclipse Viewing

3 days    6 - 14 guests
  • Observe the eclipse from the best viewing spot in Australia
  • Unparalleled viewing of Bailey's Beads and the Diamond Ring

This eclipse will swing into Australia at the tail end of the phenomenal celestial event. By viewing it at its conclusion (close to sunset) we get unparalleled opportunities to see "edge experiences", namely baileys Beads and the Diamond Ring. These will be more pronounced and last longer than anywhere else on the eclipse path.

Our viewing location will be set in the outback slightly inland from the South Coast. This is a hot arid area completely devoid of clouds. When I spoke to Fred Espanek, the other co-author of NASAšs eclipse bulletin, he was hoping to go to Australia to see the eclipse just for the special characteristics found there. Unfortunately totality will be only 1/3 as long as in Africa. The Australia trip may not have the full astronomer and telescopic support found in Africa.

It will be convenient to combine this trip with our existing Australia adventures ­ Aussie Sports Spectacular or Marine Life, Rock Art & Rainforests, or custom designed itineraries.

Itinerary Highlights
  • Dec. 3: Travel to the outback
  • Dec. 4:The Eclipse! Morning outback exploration
  • Dec. 5: Exploration of the outback and departure
Land Price:
Call for price

Departure Date:
December 3 - 5


Level of Difficulty:
I - Easy

We have several adventures in Australia that you could combine with this eclipse trip.

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