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Outer Edge Expeditions' leaders are one of the key components in making the trip a unique adventure. Our leaders are seasoned, mature, responsible, and most of all are experts in their field. Simply put, they are the best. They know the area we visit intimately, live there, and have come to know the destination over many years. We have chosen these individuals for their knowledge, communication skills, but most of all for their friendly attitude and their ability to provide the personal attention that will make your journey a wonderful experience. In other words, they are fun people! A few of our leaders are highlighted below.

Expedition Leaders Collage
Doug Hannah (Canada) Doug has been guiding dogsled adventures in Canada since 1984. Doug got into sled dog training many years ago when he received a young pup for his birthday. He and his wife Martha now own over 100 dogs. Doug has become a celebrity through his work with his sled dogs. Doug and his dogs have become celebrities, with appearances in movies and on TV.

Sandy, Nick and Wishbone (Canada) Doug may think he is in charge, but these dogs are the real leaders of our dogsled adventures! Sandy and Wishbone have both run the Iditarod. Sandy was part of the winning team in 1995, and Nick led the winning team in the "Race to the Sky" two years in a row.

Andreas Ndruru (Irian Jaya/Papua) Andreas has lived and guided in Irian Jaya since 1989. He is a specialist in the lowland tribes however is also very familiar with the highland tribes. Andreas has pioneered exploration of parts of Irian Jaya that have never seen Westerners before. In addition to guiding, Andreas manages a local guiding company. He has spent a considerable amount of time with the chiefs of various tribes and is able to bring this perspective to our trips. He loves to fish when he is not exploring new cultures.

Juan Luis "Janko" Gorse (Patagonia) Juan is a specialist at guiding exploratory trips in Southern Patagonia. He has developed numerous trips in remote and untraveled areas. Janko has been guiding trips in Patagonia since 1988 and has been certified by the Mountain Guide Association. In addition to his native Spanish, proficient languages include English, Slovenian, and German.

Sebastian De La Cruz (Patagonia) Sebastian was born in Switzerland, but moved to Argentina when he was only six years old. He began mountain climbing when he was 13, and at age 16 he climbed Mt. Fitz. Now at 33 years of age, he is considered one of Patagonia's best climbers. He has completed the first ever Icecap crossing North--South as well as the transpolar crossing on foot. He was the logistc organizer for the 1998 Eco-Challenge in Morocco and the 1999 Eco-Challenge in Patagonia. He speaks fluent Spanish, French and English.

Cemil Kornuralp (Turkey) Cemil was born in Istanbul and has been guiding groups since 1990. He has an extensive knowledge of Turkey, which he enthusiastically shares with our guests. An active traveler who enjoys trekking, mountain biking and yachting, Cemil is totally adaptable and makes every experience unique with his terrific sense of humor. He lives in Antalya with his wife and 18-year old daughter.

Verdat Vural (Turkey) Vedat has been guiding trips in Turkey for nearly 20 years. He is a trained mountain guide and is also considered one of the most experienced kayaking and whitewater guides in the country. His outgoing, fun and confident approach makes him a favorite with our guests. Vedat is fluent in English and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the local culture.

Frederick Kayser (Kenya) Fred has been guiding in East Africa since 1986. In addition to being a guide, he has formed a guiding company that arranges and oversees numerous adventures. Although Fred is of Norwegian descent, he speaks fluent Swahili, Sunbinese, Masai, English, Norwegian and Japanese. When he's not busy guiding and looking after his two sons (5 and 7), he is telling silly puns and racing his rally car.

Joe Charleson (Kenya) Joe was born in Kenya and has recently returned after spending time as a senior guide in Botswana. He is in his mid-twenties and has an extensive knowledge of the fauna and flora of Kenya. Joe is an extraordinarily enthusiastic guide, always eager to share a story and a smile.


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