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Dogsledding Odyssey Collage DOGSLEDDING ODYSSEY
Dogsledding, Snowshoeing
5 or 7 days       2 - 4 guests

  • mush your own dogsled into the frozen wilderness
  • explore the Canadian Rockies by sled or snowshoe
  • incredible winter scenery
The call of the wild rings out through the magnificent frozen mountain valleys of the Canadian Rockies. For those willing to see winter like never before, get ready to hitch up those eager, howling huskies. As we step on the runners and pick up the anchor the dogs will burst with excitement down the trail. Soon we will only hear the gentle gliding of our sled on the fresh snow beneath us as we head down the trail past frozen pine forests, enveloped in majestic snow-capped peaks. We may each drive our own husky team or snuggle up in a warm blanket and sit back and enjoy the views. We mush to our comfortable heated base camp taking stops along the way to view the awesome scenery. At camp we will have ample opportunity for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, photography, or just plain exploration. We may also spend some time with the dogs, feeding or settling them in for the night. By the end of the trip we will know our whole sled team by name and will have learned of each of their unique personalities. Come experience this magical winter adventure set in the scenic Canadian Rockies.

Departure Dates:
No longer offered. See our Norway dogsledding adventure.

Land Price:
$1,090 (2-4 guests) 5 day
$1,530 (2-4 guests) 7 day

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Orcas Galore Collage ORCAS GALORE
Kayaking, Whale Watching
8 days       2 - 8 guests

  • kayak among the largest pod of resident orca in the world
  • thrill to close approaches by these whales
  • explore abandoned Indian villages, talk with researchers, and kayak mirror-like waters
Orcas silently surfacing and explosively exhaling all around us, seals playing in smooth waters, lush green forests hiding cool streams and rolling mountains covered with evergreens: this is the northern tip of Vancouver Island, a world away from everyday cares. In the Johnstone Strait, we paddle beside killer whales with dorsal fins up to 6 feet high who are likely to breach and spyhop nearby. We will also venture into the protected passages of the chain of smaller islands with mirror-still waters perfect for kayaking.

Departure Dates:
2005: July 3 - 10; July 10 - 17; July 17 - 24;
July 24 - 31; July 31 - August 7; August 7 - 14
August 14 - 21; August 21 - 28; August 28 - September 4;
September 4 - 11; September 11 - 18
2006: July 2 - 9; July 9 - 16; July 16 - 23;
July 23 - 30; July 30 - August 6; August 6 - 13
August 13 - 20; August 20 - 27; August 27 - September 3;
September 3 - 10; September 10 - 17

Land Price:
$1490 US (2 - 8 guests)

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